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Welcome to Tires Unlimited. We are a full service automotive repair and maintenance shop servicing San Jose and Silicon Valley with nearly sixty years of consistently high-quality tires, auto service and auto repairs. We are proud to be known as a friendly, locally-owned auto repair business with deep roots in our community. 

We pride ourselves in the professionalism that sets us apart from the competition. Visit us for a complete menu of auto repairs, tires and factory scheduled auto maintenance. Let us manage the service you need to maintain your manufacturer’s new car warranty. We can do the services at the same high quality - offering convenience and service quality that we believe is superior to the competition. Our prices are lower and we follow factory service recommendations.

Our shop is friendly, clean and efficient. We understand that car repair and maintenance can sometimes be stressful or difficult. At Tires Unlimited, you are dealing with local people; many of our customers are our neighbors. Since we might see you in line at the grocery store, we always work hard to make certain that our customers are satisfied with their service experience. Our nationwide warranty plan provides our clients with peace of mind about auto repairs and maintenance. 

We equip our highly-trained technicians with the most current automotive diagnostic equipment, so they can dig deep to find the root cause of automotive performance issues. They interface with the onboard automotive computer systems that manage engine performance; including emission control, fuel management systems, electronic braking systems and wheel alignment adjustments.

Whether it is a filter that is clogged or a sensor that is not reading or reporting accurately, our techs are capable of handling the issues that can affect today’s high tech cars and pickup trucks. Oil changes are done with synthetic blend or full-synthetic oils. Diagnostics utilize the latest in software and support information to make sure cars are fixed right the first time.

As we like to tell our clients when they pick up their vehicles after service, if you are happy… tell everybody you know. If there are questions about any service that has been done – contact us for a quick resolution to your issues.  

Satisfied customers are our lifeblood. 
Let us show you why people have been choosing Tires Unlimited since 1956.
We  fix cars… and we care!