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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Brakes and Brake Jobs. STOP IT!

It has been said that every car stops…eventually. The reason you need good brakes is so you, the driver, have control over when and where your car stops. Brakes. The dictionary definition of brakes is that they are mechanical device designed to stop or slow a mechanism; usually by means of friction. Airplanes use both wheel brakes and air-flap brakes. For our purposes, the mechanism being stopped is your car, light truck or SUV. Let’s look at a few facts about brakes. How can you know if you need brakes? Several ways: The best way to find out you need brakes is an inspection by an expert (hmmm… comes to mind here: Tires Unlimited Silicon Valley!) The reason for this is because you can often catch a brake need before it goes “to the next (read PRICEY) level” If the brake light on your dash is glowing either amber or red, get them checked. Either light indicates some problem with the brake system. If the ABS light is on, get the ABS system and the brakes checked. AB ... read more

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