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Car Maintenance Options: Take care of your car...or throw your money away.

Don't let short term thinking hurt you in the long term. Huh? Don't let your desire to save an hour or two or avoid spending $50 or $75 today cost you hundreds...or thousands of dollars later. Here are some examples:

1. Your car is due for a tire rotation and an oil change. You take it to a quicky-lube place get it done; after all - they'll be done in fifteen minutes. They sell you a (very profitable) transmission flush and fuel injection cleaning. Nobody looks at your brakes; they are too busy selling you stuff that makes them quick money. It ends up taking an hour and a half anyway.

A few weeks later, you notice a noise when you are braking. You break down and take it to a shop that does brakes. After an inspection, they discover that your brakes have worn out and damaged your brake rotors. As a result, your $250 brake job ends up costing over $500.00. All to save a couple bucks and a couple of hours.

2. Your check engine light is on. You've been telling your friends that it's been on for a year and a half. OUCH! Eighteen months ago you had a bad oxygen sensor...but you didin't know. It would have been $290.00 to fix it on your particular car. Instead, the fuel-rich exhaust has ruined your catalytic converter, platinum innards and all. The net result is that you still need the $290.00 oxygen sensor, but you also need to replace the catalytic converter. That's another $1,680.00 on your car. By the time you add sales tax, you have broken that $2,000.00 mark for auto repair. Again...OUCH!

And to think; it could have been fixed for under $300.00.

Okay - so the scenarios above are hypothetical...and the prices are just guesses based on real cars. The reality is this: IF YOU DON'T FIX YOUR CAR NOW, IT WILL COST YOU MORE LATER!

Don't put off those repairs. Save yourself some money. The picture in my mind is of dollar bills with wings...flying out of your wallet. Keep your money! You earned it.

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