San Jose Auto Repair

No Baloney

Some auto shops play games with customers. If you want to play a game with us, bring some cards, a chessboard, backgammon set. We can even watch the Giants, Niners or the Sharks. Otherwise, we don't do games.

Here are some games we don't play:

  • Bait and switch

Some shops attract customers with some very, very low prices. There are several ways that scams like this can work. Sometimes, things happen and there is a need for a change of product; but sometimes it is just an excuse to sell you something that is more profitable when you actually get to the store to buy.

  • The big surprise.

Nearly every car on the road needs work. There are almost always things that can be done to make them better. Sometimes these things are urgent and sometimes they can wait.

When a customer brings a car to us, we give them our best advice about what is urgent and what can wait. No pushy hard-sell here. If we tell you it's urgent, it's because we believe it is. Some shops make everything a "top priority."

  • Buy 3 - get 1 free!

Really? With an average 20-25% profit margin on tires, who can afford to give tires away at cost? The answer is: nobody who is planning to stay in business. Unless, of course, the price you are charged for the three tires are inflated...hmmm. Or, maybe there is big fat estimate of "needed repairs" that is waiting to pay for the loss on the tire.

  • $10.00 or $14.99 Oil Change

Or whatever the going rate for "cheapie" oil changes may be. Oil costs money and so does the technician who is doing it. When we see some of these super-cheap deals we wonder (a) who is doing it and what is their training? and (b) how much "extra stuff" do they need to push at a customer before their 'bait and switch' plan pays off?

Here are a couple of interesting thoughts. Businesses need to make money to stay in business. Every shop pays about the same wholesale price for the tires and parts that are installed. Good employees need to be paid a fair wage.

If something looks "too good to be true" it just might be! If you want baloney, go to the deli case at the supermarket.

If you want games, see above.

If you want good prices, good service and fair treatment, come and see us!

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